Sunday, 1 January 2017

So Happy New year a day late.

Well I will try to up date this blog more I don´t want it to be this dead really, but life happen.
I have my job and my job schedule mighty different due on what it need to be done.
Like this week I have been working 7 days in a row and well soon I will have a two days break from work, thanks fully to to nothing then, and I am tired as hell now.

Well if you don´t know what i work is i will tell you now.

I work at a small theater were i live.
We have a show for the New Year and it is on going on fridays and saturdays for four weeks.
Also we do a live broadcast on some operas and have guest booking on the stage.
So some time of the year is more work and other less.
At least I am not on stage and preform.

It have been long days now and I was in a crying feeling mood the whole time.

But on the track,
I plan two or three convention this year.
I probably don't have time for more because off work so I need to plan which convention I will attend.
The first one out that I know is

Närcon Winter 2017

I have one cosplay in plan for Närcon Winter as I know for now.
I have a feeling I want to make a new Bleach cosplay dont know who but well it as small problem.

But we will see.

Anyway I wish you all good luck in 2017

Have a nice and awesome new year. <3

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Inu × Boku SS Soushi Miketsukami time finally

So tomorrow I will travel the world to my next convention with it Ichicon in växjö.
So not far a way from wear a live like a 1 hour a bit more bus ride.

Bit this last two week i have been working on my Soushi Miketsukami cosplay.
Little of a impulse really but still i like it that way in a way.

I dont have much on process picture, also i can tell a bit
the white part was a hell to do and also,
I was making a katana but fail it hard.
It broke at the last momen T^T
Lucky me have a plan b we will se how that go XD
But don´t rush stuff like that.

That him, and below is my fast test with everything on.
And I love the tails >w< <3
I hope you can ignore the messy apartment a bit.

I am mostly happy aobut the outcome, need to make new band around the waist the only thing is. I have not the right colour at home for it. I will see if I can take my time to go in town today for something.

Aslo the tails will be moved in to right place later on, they are just a mess right now.
But need to go se you around my puppy and kittens or humans or what ever you are.

Monday, 1 February 2016

The magic adventure continues...

Or right now I think I start to hate this project really bad, but hey what the hell it works.
I would do so much different things if I had the time.
Like other kind of fabric and stuff like that.
But ya too late for that now.

The dress it self is almost done need some nice buttons and need to sew the patch on.
I stole the patch from my scarf XD

 And the cape.

and the back.

And this is all for now.
Too tierd and to lazy for anything right now.
Also thinking of doing a new cape.


Monday, 25 January 2016

Lets get in to the magic world...

So I just got the totally need for, to make a Lolita kind of dress.
That would be inspired from Harry Potter world because why not?
I started this project to see if I can finish it in time for Närcon Winter.
So this is a short update so you see I am not dead yet.

This is one of some sketches I did of how I want it to look in the end.
And well thing changes as I did made the pattern for it XD
So this is the front of the dress, I may change the skit part a bit or leave it as it is.
It is not sew in yet, and just sit with lots of needles holding it up for the moment for test.
Also need buttons and I not so sold to have the Slytherin patch on there seem a bit too big.

Also the on the skirt part i will sew in some silver and green band to mimic the lines on the school sweater they have.

Alsi I have done some cheating moment on this one in sewing for laziness XD
But it looks nice in my opinion.

The back of the dress

And the close up on the lining off the top of the dress.

So now I need to think about doing a cape of this one to match the robe they have.

Also for the moment of surprise I did have, lots of fabric already at home for this little fun project.
I may need to buy some for the cape but that is fine, but still so happy I got most of the fabric already at home =D.

Also got a Slytherin robe on it way and a scarf in it way if I dont like the cape I will make will say.
Also if you have an a idé for the cape tell me I am a bit lost on that part.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Late convention talk...

Wow I see now that I never mention that I went to Malmö Comic con or Ichicon this year.
I think Malmö Comic con was hinted in some post.
Better late then never right?
I dont have so many photos of both of the event so be prepared for wall of text.
First a little bit talk about Malmö Comic con.

It was two day event and I went there with a friend of mine and my friends friends that lives in malmö.

It was the first comic con in malmö also kind of fun too see another world so too say.

As it was some good stuff and some bad stuff with it.
I really like the time that it was open between 10-19 the first day it was good and for me not a problem I like it. A convention in sweden are open most of the time all the time.
Also if I go again I would just go one day i feel like i saw everything the first day and that was fine and good with me.
And I did have fun it was really nice and a good brake for me in my boring life.

Both of the days we cosplay form Homestuck I did Aradia first day and Gazee last day.

Also as Gamzee I scared someone XD
That was really fun and just som random.

The girl that I scared probably don't think I saw her on the corner of my eyes, I was sitting down and play a game on my 3ds. But I did saw her and turn my head to ask if she wanted something. But she got scared and she did screams. I just start laughing I wish this was film really would be fun too see.
I was lovely and fun.

Also I scared a little girl in the restroom more or less she did not scream or so, more just push herself at the wall to get too her mom and a way form me. That was also as i cosplay Gamzee.
Her I could understand she is about 4-6 years old.
Also people at the mall was awesome get some compliments from strangers and question is always fun in my opinion.

There was some photos taken by other people on us and we met another cute Rose cosplayer from Homestuck so it was really fun to hang out with her.

This is the only slefi i took and it was as Gamzee.

On to Ichicon
Ichicon was not plan convention for me to go to.
One of the reason is I was supposed to work that weekend but it got cancel the event and I was free. No work yay but I was sad for the work in a way.
But on this convention I decide to revamp my Amimon cosplay abit.
Too make a new jacket and new pants and finish off my little stuffed plush of Behemoth.
And I did it in time also =D
There is Behemoth he can sit on the shoulder on him self and he is a cutie.
I have a form of a hair clip under him so that is why he can sit there.

 Also the whole new coat i love this one so much adn so mush better >w< <3
It is better fabric almost same pattern need to make new ones for the coat and pants.
I will do some small stuff on the pants that I can't find a photo off right now.
Ichicon was small and nice also i got time to sell some stuff and then I got too talk to some con friend that i havent seen for years and some that I seem not have time too on the bigger events they are on or too dare for some strange reason. XD
Jsut the normal stuff happend and i was glad i went there.

I did enter the cosplay competition and got a price as Amaimon that was so nice and I did not see that really coming.

So that was the little update that whent missing.
I hope for next year I will right more here on this blog it may not be so.
My work takes alots of my time and weekeds sadly but I still love it.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Some random Aradia photos

Photos I have nothing to say really more the try do my best to do the makeup for her.
Also I just wanted to play a bit with some of my clothing too for fun =D
Anyway here are some new photos for the fun off it and nothing serious stuff.
Also I wanted to see if the ear tips I got today would fit for her and any homestuck troll.
I think they look cute and do fit =D

yay I know the same face and same angel it annoys me but well sometime that happens XD
Also you can see this one more true to her clothing.

And the last one that has nothing to do with homestuck but i think i would go well here anyway.
My butler thing stuff i don´t know.
 Bye for now <3


Friday, 10 July 2015

Polymorph Teeth Walkthrough

So I decided too see if I can make some sort of 
tutorial/walkthrough on Polymorph (Friendly Plastic) Teeth.
I did some yesterday and today for this almost tutorial.
There are some method out there like using fake nails for teeth and so on mine Is all about the Polymorph and some glue, hot water and a spoon more or less. 
Also your own teeth of course.
And I got the Polymorph from
As you can see in the link it Uk based site.

First off have a space too be. 
For me it is in my kitchen and with the stove and you need hot water, 
for this and spoon and of course the Polymorph the bag with the white small round plastic balls.
Warm the water up not too hot just so you can handle it and make the white ball turn clear.
Drop some off the in the hot water.
This is to make the dental pint of your teeth more or less.

When they turn clear they are ready to work with and form.
So scoop the up and form them.

I form and flatten the plastic out making as thin as I can.
I want it thins so I can see my own teeths print to later see were I should put my fake teeth.
Put it to you teeth over or under does not matter.
For this one I do the upper part.
If it too much you can trim them later on better too much then to little.
Let the sit there till the cool done and are hard enough to take out and work with.
 After it cool done too this them them and then start with the teeth to put on too them.
You may not see it will but as you may can see the print there of mine teeth.
It is good to study your own teeth and follow them around them when you make the pointy teeth.

I just very little just five too seven round balls depending on the shape of the teeth.
More for the longer teeth and the shorter is just five.
That what I like and you can do as you wish. Dont make the teeth too long if you do them long try to form the after you under teeth so they dont poke you in you own jaw.
Make a drop shape ball when it is clear.

Put it on were you see your original teeth print area and follow them.
 Make some more

And then you are finished.
These one are badly made not as in center as they should be so they are a bit off center.
I don't care it was for show how I make mine purpose anyway.
So that is why you good too see you own teeth print.

On the side that looks good.
If i do not look goo or as you wish you could always re do it and reheat the Polymorph.
And start over as many time you wish or so they say.
And on me I don't know if you see it but they are not center and really a bit off.
But still they work.
If a tooth would fall use some glue and then glue them on.
I did use nail glue, don't know if it is so smart really but I am taking the risk.
Don't see that you should do it but hey I will not stop you but look it up before anything.
These are the first one or the first one finish, that I did not drop in the hot water over and over.
I like them better But having the under and over teeth is a bit odd and I can't close my mouth fully. But for photos and stuff like it it is good.
If I only use the over teeth I can close my mouth better.
So yay pointy teeth for the win, it take some time to make them but still so much fun and I am happy at the result and what i learn for it.
It was hell lots of easier than the dental direction Grell teeth I have and still cant fix them on me XD
Also way cheaper too.
Sorry for the badly written thing here but I did my best =D