Sunday, 1 January 2017

So Happy New year a day late.

Well I will try to up date this blog more I don´t want it to be this dead really, but life happen.
I have my job and my job schedule mighty different due on what it need to be done.
Like this week I have been working 7 days in a row and well soon I will have a two days break from work, thanks fully to to nothing then, and I am tired as hell now.

Well if you don´t know what i work is i will tell you now.

I work at a small theater were i live.
We have a show for the New Year and it is on going on fridays and saturdays for four weeks.
Also we do a live broadcast on some operas and have guest booking on the stage.
So some time of the year is more work and other less.
At least I am not on stage and preform.

It have been long days now and I was in a crying feeling mood the whole time.

But on the track,
I plan two or three convention this year.
I probably don't have time for more because off work so I need to plan which convention I will attend.
The first one out that I know is

Närcon Winter 2017

I have one cosplay in plan for Närcon Winter as I know for now.
I have a feeling I want to make a new Bleach cosplay dont know who but well it as small problem.

But we will see.

Anyway I wish you all good luck in 2017

Have a nice and awesome new year. <3

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